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Guest Chair

The Chair “Rebirth” reimagined the moment of breaking through of the butterfly from its chrysalis shell.

Design Story


With an eagerness to fly, a caterpillar fearlessly transformed into a chrysalis, turning itself into great vulnerability.


For months, as it sacrificed the last defense it had, the caterpillar focused solely on its process of metamorphosis. It dissolved every single organ, every single functional part of its body, so it has a chance of becoming a butterfly, a chance to have great freedom and own the sky. “Will I still survive?” it thinks. Then, after months of stillness and uncertainty, what could be more fruitful and blissful than the moment it is ready to break through its shell, receiving its reward of freedom for the first time?

It is the moment that inspired my chair, and it is the moment my chair hopes to depict. Facing today's society and world, we need such "freedom and metamorphosis" more than ever.  The dynamics are natural, and the lines are organic and elegant. Detail back and legs are like the process of growth of a butterfly, breaking through the chrysalis. The cushion is more curved, makes the edges less visually thick, and pushes the chair into a more natural appearance.

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